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Watch Pain Management Tracking In Action

Pain Management Tracking In The CHUFFTY APP

By tracking the experience of pain over a period of time it is possible to see trends.

Health Professionals can use this data in suppirt of on-going wellness programs and care plans.

It is important to oevrall health to ensure that any pain (or percieved pain) is adequately dealt with.

Logging pain at regular intervals enables faster and more accurate diagnosis and remediation.

Additional Benefts Of Using The CHUFFTY APP For Independent Living

The CHUFFTY APP also provides the ability for the individual to "log" when they have performed certain key activities, for example: The Taking Of Meduications

With the activities logged on the APP, the activities are also logged on our Servers which allows secure viewing by carers, family members and allied health and wellness professionals who have been granted access.
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IHCT also produces physical monitoring devices you can place around the home which will detect movement and allow interaction - Visit the CHUFFTY Motion Sensors Site Here


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